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Arctic ice

NOAA is one of eight federal agencies participating in the implementation of SEARCH. With a mission to understand and predict changes in the Earth's environment, and conserve and manage coastal and marine resources to meet the Nation's economic, social and environmental needs, NOAA has a particularly important role to play in SEARCH. Two of NOAA's strongest attributes are established observation and modeling capabilities. The observational component includes acquisition and archiving of both regional and global-scale environmental data sets. The modeling component includes ingestion of these data into forecast and climate models for forecasting, hindcasting, and nowcasting. NOAA has initiated its SEARCH program with seed activities that address high priority issues relating to the atmospheric and the cryosphere. The 3 primary foci of the current NOAA program are the implementation of the

Additional information:
SEARCH Home Page
SEARCH Open Science Meeting (Oct 27-30, 2003)


Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory
Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
Environmental Technology Laboratory
International Arctic Buoy Program
Meteorological Service of Canada
National Snow and Ice Data Center

Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
University of Wisconsin

Contact: Dr. John Calder, NOAA Arctic Research Office


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